Monday, January 5, 2015

Bah-Humbug, and Get Back To Work!

The nice thing about the holiday is that both Dom and I decided to skip almost all Christmas and New Years celebrations and instead worked on the flouse.  Perhaps a bit Bah-humbuggy, but Dom took to it easily, and I was so preoccupied with the flouse that I quickly got over it. I did worry a little bit about relatives and friends that may be expecting our annual holiday card, and anticipated us showing up to parties with lamp shades on our heads.  Alas...that was not us this year.  ...and it seems like we pretty much got away with it.  Something to remember for next year.  :)  That said, a big thank goes out to the Waterloos, who were kind enough to include us in their family dinners and celebrations, and were understanding when we ran out of steam early in the evenings.

The good news is our carpenter, Paul, joined us in the focus on the work.  Some good progress has been made over the past two weeks.  For example here's the sagging ceiling tile in the bedroom.

This was an early picture before the rain deluge.  When we finally pulled it down it had black strings of mold hanging from it like a stalactiteIt was pretty freaking gross.

Once we pulled it down we found this:

Oh great!  ...2 feet of wet, rotted wood, with an exposed roof that's made of canvas.  I believe I may have left the work site at this point and went home and crawled under the covers with a lovely bottle of savignon blanc.

Alas, never to fear...Paul got to work and figured a way to do a gentle patch that wouldn't upset our circus tent roof.
 This patch was then covered with more plywood and finally a finishing piece that had it looking like no harm had ever come. 

As you can see, above, it makes a big the white primer makes the place look so much brighter.

Progress, or Paul-gress (and Todd-gress) is being made throughout the place.  The bedroom has two coats of primer, the mud room is the same, the holes in the floor of the Great Room floor are sealed, which will make our fisherman friends quite sad. (Stay with'll make more sense in the next paragraph.)

There's been quite a bit of talk about installing fishing ports inside the flouse that can be removed for easy access to hospitable fishing from the confines of our living room.  We've even had a fishing rod, lures and extra hooks provided as an incentive.  (Thank you, Steve Waterloo.)  Dom is not a friend of anything that lives under the water, and I'm hoping to close more holes and not make new ones, so alas...I'm going to veto any fishing holes within the four walls of the flouse.

So, we are definitely making headway.  The only thing that seems to slow us down is when the inevitable sailing vessel goes by that requires commentary and discussion.  I can't tell you how many times I've looked up to see our work crew standing on the porch comparing notes about sail trim, debating what type of boat is going by, or providing helping tips and techniques on how the vessel could be going faster.  I smile...remind them we have work to do...and try to get them refocused.  It looks kind of like this:


Deep6 said...

So happy you kids got this place... Keep up the good work...

Cap'n Sylvia Sharkbait said...

OMG looks so much better! Paul-gress and Todd-gress are keepers even though they are easily distracted by lovely, trim boats. Good on ya for working so hard because those are some excellent improvements.