Saturday, January 17, 2015

Crumblin' Down

We have made amazing progress over the last few weeks.  I should probably rephrase that and say, Paul Turner (our carpenter) has made great progress...we just went to our day job and wrote checks.  Alas, the holiday break is clearly over for us and our focus is split between doing the work that pays the bills, and wanting to be at the flouse making progress.

To date, all of the dry rot issues have been addressed and the place is starting to really come together (photos to follow).  We were so confident in our progress that we have hired a team of painters that are coming in on Monday (MLK, jr. day) to clean and brighten the place up.

We went over this morning, Saturday, to get all of our various cleaning and painting supplies cleaned up and tucked away so the paint crew had no hindrances in their way. 

As a last minute thought, I decided that it would be a good idea to pull the bathroom sink out.  It had gotten paint all over it and was pretty badly chipped.  I had found the exact same size sink insert on the web, so I knew it could be easily replaced.  I went to work thinking that I just had to release some silicone caulking and it would easily pop out. 

In the course of trying to remove it I ended up putting a chisel right through the wall.  Wait.  What?  Why is this wall so soft and penetrable?  It turns out we missed a big section of mold and dry rot.  As I continued to work the sink the rest of the infrastructure around the sink/vanity just started to crumble.  Fuck.  (See, the John Mellencamp reference make sense now, huh?)

I literally sat there on the floor, surrounded by old, soured dry wall and debated whether to keep going pulling down, or somehow stop and figure a way to put it all back together and forget that I even found it. 

Wise Dominic, while looking a bit frustrated, said it was better to find it now and we would adjust the project to take care of it.  He was right, and since Paul was coming by on Sunday to finish up some base board cutting, I was hoping I could toss my hair and bat my eyes to see if he would be willing to toss up a few more pieces of plywood.  ...and if he didn't have time, we would just wait on painting the bathroom until we had it more put together.

We are beyond excited with each step of progress we make.  We were talking tonight that true victory will be the night that we sleep at the flouse, on our matress, and wake up with the ability to make a reasonable breakfast.  I suspect that day will be here very soon.

Here's some photos of how far we've come:

Here's where the chimney used to come through the ceiling.  B'bye!
Great Room windows are now leak proof and no more "fishing" holes in the floor!
Brother Joe came by to lend a hand and helped dispose of the old toilet.
The lower level porch has been made water proof and the door frame has been replaced.
Walter sits in front of the heater and shoots judgmental faces at us.
Bedroom wall and windows repaired with new window sills and trim.  Hi, Walter!
Dom removing the carpet from the stairs so they can be painted.  Notice the new white baseboards!

 ...and for your listening pleasure, here's the video of Crumblin' Down.  Sing along at the chorus:  When the walls come tumblin' down
When the walls come crumblin' crumblin'
When the walls come tumblin' tumblin' down
Yeah yeah yeah

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