Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's try this again...

It would be crazy to say that this is the first time that I have had to sit down and blog in a while, but it is almost true. In the last month I have been to Santa Barbara twice, once to do the Santa Barbara-King Harbor race, and once to see Billy Idol! And in between those two trips we have been to Chicago for the Lollapalooza concerts and a little site seeing.

Racing City Lights in the Santa Barbara-King Harbor race

We have also this summer moved off the boat, after spending a bunch of time and money cleaning it up and have moved it to Richard Boland Yachts where we hope it sells in some kind of reasonable time frame. You can check out the listing here...

Hey! Where did the Lobster Telephone go?

I also have quit working for Glacier Bay and have gone back to work at the Doyle loft. The move back to the Doyle loft has been kind of bittersweet. While I love making sails, and am pretty good at it at this point, in some ways it is a backwards step, especially financially. If I could figure a way out to make money making sails I would probably do it for the rest of my life, as it is, I really do need to start making some real money one day.

Ajax helping me with some spinnaker graphics

Throw in the usual Wednesday and Friday night races, plus some other random sailing, the second season opener on Twisted, a Richmond yacht club fun race on Raven, where does the time go?

Speaking of the Wednesday and Friday nights it just hasn't come together like it did last year. Losing Cameron really hurt us, both in our level of sailing, but even more so in the fun factor. Jeff of course is great to sail with, but both of us miss having that third person around to push us over the edge. Two years ago it was Steve, last year it was Cameron, this year... Let's just say that we are still looking.

Cameron, we miss you buddy.

Another thing that has been going on lately is death. Within the span of a month I lost both my grandfather (mothers side) and my Grandmother (fathers side). I had seen them both on my last trip back to England in March and while both where in their late eighties/early nineties and had begun to show real signs of slowing down, it was a little shocking to lose them both so suddenly. I will miss them both a great deal. My grandmother for being the great character that she was who did it her way and dammed what you thought about it, and my grandfather who as one of my cousins said, was the best man he knew.

James Ashley R.I.P.

On the plus side we are still living in this magnificent house that Jeff described as a "mini Hearst Castle" and that is working out really well for us. Last night and tonight have been really warm out and I have been taking advantage of it by basically living outside on the back patio the whole time. Even Ajax and Frida just hang out outside the weather has been so nice.

Not a mini Hearst Castle

Anyway, not much of a post, but I promise I will be writing more here soon.