Saturday, May 29, 2010

Into the new...

So, this will be the first post from the new digs, we are officially off the boat and into the new place. I am actually sitting in my bathrobe in the back yard overlooking the Bay, big mug of coffee in hand, Ajax frolicking in the garden, and playing around on the laptop. All in all you could say that I am transitioning to the life of a landlubber just fine.

Ajax basking on the hot tub.

We moved up here last weekend, but because of work I really haven't had a chance to sit down and relax much up here yet. We had a lot on last week at the loft with the Spinnaker Cup on Thursday, and the three day weekend after that. It all added up to the probably the most hours I have worked in a single week since my America's Cup days almost a decade ago (holy shit, was it that long ago?)

Still we did manage to squeeze in a Wednesday night race on the Gonzo, which saw us return to form, if not in the standings, we got third, but at least with our on the water attitude and interactions with our competitors. We also had a ring side seat to the very hard grounding of the One-Design 35 Dark n' Stormy inside the restricted zone off of Coast Guard Island. Luckily no one was hurt, but it sure was scary to watch.

Other than that not a lot going on, Ajax is adjusting nicely to the new place and enjoys going to the loft with me a couple of days a week. His schedule with his trainers got changed around a little so now he is walking with a whole new pack of dogs and seems to be doing well with it. Frida is struggling with the move a little, but no doubt she will adjust as cats do.

This weekend we will get the last of our stuff off of the Lobster T, maybe have a couple of folks over for a Bar-B-Q tomorrow, and maybe a short sale on Gonzo on Monday. Should be a nice relaxing three day weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ride down the coast pictorial.

If a picture is worth thousand words, then I am about to save myself a lot of typing. Here are some of the pictures I took of our delivery of the Santa Cruz 52 City lights from Alameda to Santa Barbara last weekend.

Leaving the dock at Marina Village.

Passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bob and Bones keeping the bean bag chairs from blowing away.

Tom on the wheel.

At the dock in Monterey, the barricades are to keep the seal lions off the dock.

The restaurant we spent the night under, note all the Sea Lions on the dock.

There was a lot of blood on the docks in Monterey, fish I assume.

Sailing by the numbers at night.

David bundled up from the early morning chill.

Letting the auto-pilot do it's thing.

Lot's of oil seeping into the water in the Santa Barbara channel

The sun finally comes out, virtually in sight of the harbor.

Bones, Dominic, David, David, Bob, Hawk, and Tom. Joined by Archie on our safe arrival in Santa Barbara.

For the drive back we got an un-marked police car.

The drive back up 101.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Not dead yet...

Well, it's what May 8th and I am able to sit down for practically the first time since February 16th and maybe try to bring this thing back to life. So, where have I been, what's my excuse? How come so long between posts? Simple really, I have a real job (kind of, more on that later) and that is taking up a lot of my time. Plus, as we shall see, there is a lot of other stuff going on these days.

Last night I returned from Deltaville, Virginia. Not was only this the 2nd time I have been out there in the last month, it was the second time I had flown across country in the last week. So far this year I have done about 25 flights. I have flown across country four times, to Europe once, and to Asia once. The near future may involve trips to Wisconsin, Malaysia, and Australia. Also there is definitely a trip to Chicago in the works.

Having said that, not all of these trips have been work related. The trip to Europe was to see family and attend my grandfathers 90th birthday celebration, a trip to Florida was a straight up vacation down the Florida keys, and the trip to Michigan earlier this week was to see Dina's sister in-law graduate from the University of Michigan and to see President Obama do the commencement speech.

As to the important stuff we won the Oakland Yacht Club Sunday brunch series on Gonzo with three firsts, a second, and a third. Also we are now fully into the spring beer can season on the Estuary. We are entered in the Oakland Wednesday night series, and the Encinal and Island yacht club Friday night series'. Actually Dina has been taking Gonzo out with her girlfriends for the Encinal series and has actually had the best results of any of us so far with a second and third.

Sadly though we have lost Cameron from the Gonzo crew as he has moved back east to a new job. It's too bad really as he was a big part of the fun and success that we had last year. No doubt we will survive, but it just isn't quite the same without him.

Good luck Cameron, you will be missed

One big thing that is also happening is that we are moving off of the Lobster Telephone. The fact that I got three plus years out of Dina on this boat is frankly the best I could have hoped for. But, the lure of things like closet space and a real kitchen have been calling her like a Siren for a while now, so alas we will be moving off of and putting the LT up for sale here in the near future. I wonder if this means that I should change the name of this blog?

House for sale

As for me and work I have kind of relegated myself to a part time position at Glacier Bay, basically working on call from home for them, and have returned to the sail loft to work as much as I can within the confines of the Glacier Bay job. It's a little cumbersome at the moment, but it will work itself out as we move forward I'm sure.

Ajax above the Carquinez Straits

As for you Ajax fans you will be happy to hear that he has grown up quite a lot and seems to have mellowed out considerably. He is still only two and not a lot smarter, but has lost a lot of that puppy craziness and energy. Also on the plus side he hasn't eaten a remote or a pair of sunglasses in a few months now.

Lot's of stuff happening in the near future, sailing and otherwise, and I will update as I can.