Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First race of 2010

I was hoping to post a story about our first race of 2010, complete with tales of utter and complete domination over worthy, yet ultimately doomed, competition along with a bunch of video edited on my snazzy new laptop...

Sadly when I went to load up the camera on my way out the door it didn't want to work. Something about a "dew alert", no doubt caused by the damp conditions here on the Lobster T. This was kind of a bummer as the first part of the race might have actually been somewhat interesting to film.

Team Gonzo showing excellent early season form right out of the start.

RT joined Jeff, Cameron and I for the race which was a pretty light air affair. The race itself followed the usual pattern of us winning the start, but then getting rolled by the bigger boats as it turned into a light air reach. We ended up third after leading most of the first beat, and a lot of the run. The Race Committee shortened the race after one lap, which was probably the right call as the next boat behind us finished way way back.

A random sunset shot taken from the Lobster T at the pump out.

Still it was good to be back racing on the on the Gonzo. We may enter the Island Yacht Club series as well even though we have already missed the first couple of races. Just getting out back out is a good enough reason for me.

Early morning fog here at Marina Village.

In other news we have had a few pretty cool mornings of dense fog here on the Estuary. One morning you couldn't see 50ft down here on the water, but as soon as you went a couple of hundred feet inland it was bright and sunny. It's good fun to walk the dog in that stuff, although I don't know why.
Tony, Krysia, and Jessica on the Farr 40 on Christmas eve.

Another cool thing going on down here in the marina these days is that we are getting a lot of either Seals or Sea Lions around. I first noticed a bunch of them on Christmas Eve when I went for a quick sail on the Farr 40 with Tony and his daughters. There was a group of about four out that day, which is a lot this far down the Estuary. Ever since then though there has been a rash of these sea critters here in the marine. They swim in between the boats and the docks here, presumably looking for whatever it is they eat. We actually saw one jump most of the way out of the water just off the stern of Gonzo the other day. That really got Ajax excited...