Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long time gone...

Well, it's been a while, but damn a lot has been going on lately, hopefully I will be able to remember some of it.

I guess the big news is the new job... That's right after 25 years of being a sailmaker I have moved on to other things. I am working for an outfit called Glacier Bay Inc. out of Union City. I will try to explain what it is that I do there later, but the job involves some travel, with some of that being international. Indeed I have already done my first trip, to Fort Meyers, Florida for them.

What else has been going on? Firstly the new car, the Miata, is way fun. Sure it feels like a World War 1 Sopwith Camel sometimes, noisy, windy, with lots of rattling through the fabric type of stuff. When I first got the thing I was kind of surprised at how harsh the ride was. It turns out that the thing came with adjustable shocks that had been set to the firmest ride setting. A turn on the stiffness adjusting screw, down to five from nine, has smoothed things out considerably though.

The engine on the thing is great fun. I had heard of the phrase loves to rev before, but never really got it till I drove this thing. One thing that is funny though is that the car as fun as it is, is really not that fast. I come out of a series of turns or a freeway merge or something, having just run the thing through the gears and having a go at the twisty bits, but then you look in the rear view mirror and the lady talking on the cell phone in her SUV is staying right with you with out even trying. Still I am having more fun than she is, as well as paying more attention to my driving, so fuck her...

I have been sailing a couple of times recently. Once on the Farr 40 for the Great Pumpkin regatta. I did bow for three short races on the Berkeley Circle and even though it wasn't that windy I still got pretty beat up. I think we ended up fourth on the day, and I only managed to screw up one set out of the eight we did and even that one didn't hurt us that much. The other sail was taking out Gonzo with a couple of my new co-workers for a day sail out to the mouth of the Estuary and then back home. That was a pretty good day out, nice and mellow.

Ok, hopefully I will get back onto this blog thing on a more regular basis now. Next I think I might write about my trip to Fort Meyers. A great place if you want to feel young, like to drive slow, and eat in chain restaurants.